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Longbow Day / Night


The top class Longbow scope was designed at the drawing board stage to achieve performance day or night. The Longbow uses interchangeable eyepieces that detach from just behind the zoom ring of the scope. This results in no loss of eye relief. As the scope was designed at the drawing board stage it has much better light transmission and performance at night.

The coatings on the scope have been specially modified to transmit infrared light, which the image intensifier needs to perform well. We have also manufactured the Archer night vision monocular. This is a very small hand held monocular that can quickly attach onto the back of a day scope. Just spot, attach and shoot! A specially designed rifle scope that can be used either as a night vision rifle scope or as a regular optical daylight scope by using interchangeable eyepieces. The interchangeable eyepieces can be switched back and forth as required, with no loss of the weapon's zero.
The Longbow is compact in size and light weight. It offers performance day or night. Image intensifier tubes for night time use can be supplied at a specification to suit the customer. Regular 30mm dia. mounts, as supplied by the manufacturer will complete the mounting of the scope to the desired weapon.

The Longbow is waterproof, fog-proof and shockproof. It features built-in objective focus for the elimination of parallax. A variety of reticles can be supplied upon request of the customer. Bullet drop compensators can be supplied matched to the rifle's ammunition.


Our Price

From Only 3999.95



Archer Spotter / Scope


Archer is a small, compact, high strength monocular that has been designed and manufactured soley in the United Kingdom. Archer can be used to fulfil a variety of roles such as surveillance, night observation, security and pest control. Archer comes with a standard fitting that will accept various lenses in 25mm, 50mm and 75mm focal lengths. When used as the Day/Night scope configuration, Archer is set up so that the cross hairs of the rifle scope are visible at night through the monocular. The monocular can then be detached and used as either a x1 or a x2 viewing device.
Various western manufactured image intensifier tubes can be fitted at the request of the customer. The device is usually supplied as standard with either a Dutch or French intensifier tube. Being of UK origin and manufactured in the UK, the Archer can be quickly repaired or modified should the need ever arise. most of the Archer's components and sub-components are manufactured within the UK and it does not contain any Russian ones.

Foxes can be spotted at 200m using the x2 Archer. When vermin is spotted, such as a fox, the Archer can be re-attached to the fittings on the back of the rifle scope in 2-3 seconds and a shot can then be taken. Archer is, as far as we know, the only full bore compatible product that can be used as a viewing device and a night vision sight. The advantages of not swinging a heavy, loaded rifle and night sight around are obvious!....SPOT, ATTACH AND SHOOT!


Our Price

From Only 1739.95



Arrow Spotter / Scope


Arrow is a small compact digital night vision scope that acts as an add-on to your original day scope, it works best on parallax adjustable scopes as the parallax adjustments is a separate focus mechanism and allows the whole system to be focused (not to eliminate parallax). Being a small add-on at approx. 9.0 cm in length from lens to eyepiece shooting position is not affected; we also offer an inexpensive slip on/off rubber stock extender. Unlike other digital night vision which is usually low magnification, the Arrow is utilising your scopes magnification so up to x12 or more can easily be obtained. By using your scopes the Arrow can be swapped to every single rifle that you own, unlike dedicated night scopes you are not tying one rifle up to night shooting.

Arrow is designed to use the Starfire illuminator for use with airguns and the new Dragonfly for rim and centre fire rifles, Starfires and Nightmasters are unsuitable for fox shooting with Arrow digital scopes as the beam diameter is larger than the scopes field of view at anything past x4, so as magnification is increased the Infrared beam is way bigger than what the scope is looking at and becomes greatly diluted, this equates to a very poor image and not very much range, a Dragonfly on the other hand can follow this field of view down to very high magnifications giving ranges of 300 yds +.


Our Price

From Only 709.95


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